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When Breakout meets portals

By Gorgola & katana_L

Hi there! We are Gorgola and katana_L (katana zero fan) and we made this game for a jam. The jam theme was Classic Arcade Game, so naturally, we listed all the arcades games that we know and love to start brainstorming them. For some reason, in multiple of our ideas, breakout was the common denominator, and after some discussion, we decided to combine... Breakout and portals!

The main idea of the game is the same as breakout: you got a racket, a ball and a lot of bricks to break out, but now instead of a single racket, you got another one in the top of the screen, and instead of the ball bouncing in the rackets, it teleports to the other and maintains its velocity! That's when Breakout meets portals

You can play the game with a friend or alone (using both hands).

The FREE MODE is not done yet and we didn't have time to do the SFX (But coming soon!)

We are part of DELU (Ludic Experiences Development Group) from Simon Bolivar University (USB) in Venezuela.

Follow DELU in twitter at @GrupoDELU


A/DMove bottom racket
LEFT/RIGHTMove top racket
Shoot Ball


PorBreaker_Win_Linux.7z 13 MB


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Nice Experiment!